In 1991 Olaf Schumacher, former singer and songwriter of the Berlin indie band The Most Wanted Men, founded THE GROOVY CELLAR. Named after the renowned London neo-60’s club  of the early 1980’s, this “nom de guerre“ indicates what these five lads are musically into.

THE GROOVY CELLAR’s musical output is distinctly influenced by the classic songwriting and sound of the 1960s, but not necessarily restricted to any ideological or short-lived trends. THE GROOVY CELLAR are pop, mod-pop, if you like.

Apart from three albums, THE GROOVY CELLAR have released a number of singles and EPs for Twang!, Marsh-Marygold  and Firestation Records so far. Besides, there are contributions to compilations worldwide.

Live the Berlin based quintet has shared the stage with the likes of Cleaners From Venus, Ian Brown, Television Personalities. Graham Day & The Gaolers and Long Tall Shorty to name but a few. And more lie ahead. So don’t miss it and stay tuned!