What we love

We’re driven by Vespa scooters, smart clothes and sharp suits but mainly by the music of the mod revival, especially TV Personalities. (We minus our bassist – he is driven only by buying another Höfner Bass. Sad, that is.)

We love The Beatles (who doesn’t), the Small Faces, The Times. We keep the Faith and dance to Northern Soul all night long. If you want to join the gang, come to the nighters organised by our dear friends from Breakaway Northern Soul Allnighter Berlin, dance your shoes off and see our singer as „DJ Magic Shoemaker“ behind the turntables.

We wrap our heads around Pop Art and artists like Peter Blake, live up to the ideals of Modernism, binge watch 60s kitchen sink dramas and love us some nice ponytailed girls in them short dresses.

When in London we hang out at the Bar Italia, go shopping at Brixton and secretly hope to meet Paul Weller on our ways but of course we never do.

We appreciate a good read and highly recomment the books by William Shaw and Nell Dunn.

As you can see there’s a lot of stuff we like but our friends who keep us going are the ones we love the most. Althought there are too many to be mentioned here are some we owe credit to for supporting us by creative input:

If you want to make a record of your own, we recommend Alexander Otts Paul Lincke Studio who supported us in our studio works for more than ten years.

We’re thankful for having the opportunity to work with the most supportive labels out there and can only recommend Firestation Records, Marsh-Marigolds Records, The Beautiful Music and Twang! Records.

In love with our nice LP-Cover design? Get your own from Dunja Berndorff.

Fancy some nice band pictures just like ours? Ask Susann Klauck.

Berlin is our playground and we root for Berlins independent club culture. Therefore we prefer playing and hanging out at places like Rote Beete, Schokoladen and Wild at Heart.